About Us

You’re a driver that expects more out of a new and used car dealership and you know that you deserve a respectful, honest, and caring environment where you’ll feel equal parts confident and comfortable purchasing and maintaining your vehicle. At Lakeland Hyundai we know that every dealership has a story to tell – one that often begins with a vision of building a place where customers get the service and the product they’re after. All that is well and true here at Lakeland Hyundai but we like to believe that we’re different than your average store. We have a large variety of quality Hyundai vehicles such as the Hyundai Accent, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Tucson, and Hyundai Santa Fe. Make Lakeland Hyundai your local new and used car dealership!

We believe that there’s always a better way to do things – whether that means that we spend extra time reviewing the options that match your driving expectations, or asking the right questions that put you on the path to discovering something new about your driving habits and connecting you with the vehicle that has the features to live up to the challenges tomorrow might bring.

Building lasting relationships is the cornerstone of our business and getting to know each and every person that walks through our doors means that we can offer superior, personalized service that works specifically for you.

Now, you probably want to know how we action these promises – we know we would – so let’s start by talking about simple things like test drives.

We know that we live in a world that lives up to a 24/7 schedule more now that when it comes down to actually finding time to visit a dealership to test drive a vehicle, well, time might not be as good to us as we like. The team at Lakeland Hyundai appreciates this and for those who find themselves in a position where you can’t make it out to us to test drive the vehicle you really want we have some great news. We’ll bring the test drive to you! That’s right – let us know which vehicle from our lot you’re interested in and we’ll drive it to you for a test drive on your own terms and needs. It’s why Lakeland Hyundai is Prince Albert’s favourite place for Hyundai vehicles. We set out to be better than every other new and used car dealership out there.

With monthly freebies and specials and a tire shop that will find the fit for your vehicle, you can rest assured that when you work with Lakeland Hyundai that you are receiving the care, consideration, and commitment that works best for you!

We look to the future and apply today the policies and practices that we know are going to be the ones that make your experience with us the best it can possibly be. So, whether you are looking for that next stand-out car or you want to speak with an expert that can assist you through the process, the team at Lakeland Hyundai is here to make sure your time is well spent. Stop by today and meet the team at our convenient 330 – 38th Street East location in Prince Albert, SK.